It’s heartbreaking hearing stories about people paying so much for expensive appliances (from Home Depot or Lowes), and damaging them while trying a DYI installation.

They fail to realize that they end up spending more repairing expensive appliances than paying for a professional installation! You especially need care while hooking up devices to water sources like dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, and water filtration units. It has to be correctly done because a minor leak is all that’s needed to cause significant water damage. Instead, it’s better to leave the appliance hook-up in the hands of a professional plumber like Dima Plumbing. It doesn’t matter if you are a homemaker, business owner, or property manager. Our expert plumbers are trained in hooking up all types of expensive appliances, both professionally and courteously. We follow a strict installation protocol while adhering to local building codes and rules

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Different types of appliance installation

Here’s a list of the appliances we can install for you. Call us at (647) 289-9576 if you don’t find your device listed below or have questions about a specific make or model.

Dishwasher installation

Dishwashers are a tremendous help in the kitchen, but only if installed correctly. Our expert plumbers will safely and adequately route and connect water lines and properly hook-up all electrical wires. You needn’t worry about any water damage or any other type of disaster. We can install all types of dishwashers like compact, free-standing, and dish-drawer units.

Services Provided

Washer and dryer installation service

  • Hot water dispenser installationA hot water dispenser is a worthy investment if you need hot drinking water throughout the day. We can help install your hot water dispenser unit to bring comfort and convenience to your home.
  • Boiler installationIf your boiler is taking up space and not working as efficiently as before, perhaps it’s time to look for and fit a new one.
  • Water softener installationAre you fed up with annoying hard water stains? Do the reduced water flow and damaged pipes and faucets due to scale buildup annoy you? If yes, installing a water softener can solve the problem. Besides, water softeners help give you smooth and soft skin, along with better shampoo lathering and soap rinses. We at Dima Plumbing can help with its hook-up and put all your hard water woes behind you.
  • Garbage disposal hook-upAre you replacing a faulty garbage disposal, or are you a first-time installer? If yes, we are experts in all types of plumbing installation and upgrades, including garbage disposal units.
  • Water heater installationYou know it’s time to get a new water heater if you have to wait longer for a hot shower or if the water isn’t hot enough. We can handle all types of water heater hook-ups, including gas, electric, and tankless water heater installations. An adequately installed newer model water heater provides improved efficiency, lower operating costs, and better hot water access.
  • House filter installationIf the water in your area has lots of impurities, it’s better to install a whole house filter. We fit it somewhere where it removes some of the water impurities before entering your home. In turn, it means you end up getting cleaner water at all the plumbing fixtures and not in just specific taps. Our plumbers can install your whole house filter for you without any leakage or damages.
  • Water filter installationA water filtration system is a wise investment if you are worried about your drinking water quality. The reverse osmosis water filtration system is a popular point-of-use water filtration system for drinking water containing many contaminants and chemicals. It’s much better than just adding a small carbon filter to the bathroom or kitchen faucets. Besides, we can professionally hook-up the device for you.
  • Fridge and ice-maker installationA fridge is a large investment that should last at least a decade or more. Today new models may even have additional features and technology benefits, including perhaps upgrading or installing a water line. You especially need a water line if your fridge has an ice-maker, and should be done professionally if you don’t have one. We at Dima Plumbing can install your water line without any leaks or damage to it. Your fridge installation cost would be minimal.
  • Humidifier supply installationA humidifier protects your family from dry air and easily attached to your home’s supply or return end close to the furnace. There are different types of humidifiers, and most model types have water passing through the bypass duct. A fan propels or mists the water into the humidifier in a steam form. It’s only if the humidifier is professionally installed can it adequately humidify your air. This is where we can help with a professional humidifier supply installation.

Service Areas

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We also offer the following installations:

  • Kitchen faucet installationA dripping kitchen faucet can lead to high water bills and low working efficiency. It also means it’s time for a new kitchen faucet installation to eliminate and prevent future leaks, and reduce your water bills. It doesn’t matter where you buy your kitchen faucets. We at Dima Plumbing services will safely install or upgrade it without any water leakage.
  • Bathroom and shower fixtures installationYour shower won’t be as refreshing as it should if it’s leaking. Besides, your shower may take longer too, making it a waste of time and energy. Replacing your bathroom and shower fixtures can help resolve the solution. We can fit both regular and luxury fixtures.
  • Toilet installationThere’s no point in waiting to update outdated or older bathroom fixtures. A proper toilet installation improves your property value, comfort, and energy efficiency and prevents damage from floods or leaks.
  • Bidet InstallationBidets are no longer just a European fad, these septic and eco-friendly devices are becoming increasingly common in homes across the US and Canada. Anyone who’s ever used one quickly appreciates the benefits. They design bidets to comfortably allow you to wrap up your business, reduce the probability of clogged drains and protect the environment by further reducing paper waste.
  • Sump pump battery backup system installationYou can keep your basement dry and free of mold by installing a sump pump. It’s also better to have a battery backup to ensure it performs well even if it malfunctions or there’s a power loss.
  • Sink installationWe can install sinks of any shape, size, and material if you plan to upgrade or replace a leaking sink. The sink installation and water source connection are delicate processes, better left to professionals to avoid sink leaks or damages.
  • Weeping tile system installationThe weeping tile system installation process isn’t any flooring or roofing installation. It’s a complicated drainage system that protects your home and building foundation from future potential water damage. It’s a must if you live someplace where water tends to enter your building in the rainy seasons. We install a weeping tile system and prevent possible clogging and drain water from walls.

Your professional appliance installation plumbers near you, in Toronto

Thank you for visiting Dima Plumbing, your go-to resource for all your plumbing needs. We are premium plumbers with more than 20 years of experience serving the people of Toronto. Our plumbers’ team is skilled and trained to handle all types of plumbing work, including all appliance installation. We offer 24/7 plumbing services and strive to provide the people of Toronto specialty plumbing solutions.

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Best warranty and 24/7 emergency services

Dima Plumbing is proud to offer one of the best warranties on Toronto plumbing services. Our mission is to make our customers know that they can depend on us for all their plumbing and installation needs. We know plumbing emergencies may happen anytime, on weekends, at night, and on public holidays. We strive to resolve all your plumbing complaints through our 24/7 emergency plumbing services. We even offer annual plumbing inspections to nip plumbing problems in the bud before anything significant happens.

Appliance installation FAQ

Yes, you can always try following the product guide and do a DYI appliance installation. However, it can lead to a series of problems. It’s better calling a professional plumber than an unlicensed one because professionals make proper plumbing adjustments for the best solution. They install your appliance so that there are no leakage complaints. Besides, they perform your appliance installation with the best care and only perform necessary plumbing fixes to ensure your investment lasts a long time.
Your dishwasher problems may create noise from the drain or wash pump or because it’s not mounted correctly. It may also leak because of a clogged kitchen sink drain in the middle of a wash cycle or leakage under the dishwasher. If you feel you can fix your faulty dishwasher yourself, then go ahead. However, if you aren’t comfortable about it, it’s always better to hire professional plumbers. They anyway know dishwashers like the back of their hand and can provide a quick and effective solution.
It’s not always easy to determine if it’s better to repair or replace a malfunctioning appliance. Our technicians will help you out by evaluating the situation through an honest and thorough assessment. If you need a replacement, our technicians will also help decide on the best appliance to buy. We make suggestions based on your needs and budget and will educate you in an easy-to-understand manner.

Don’t worry if you tried installing a new appliance, but it didn’t work. Just call Dima Plumbing.

Our technicians will professionally install your plumbing appliance.

We will identify any damages done during your installation and discuss about the possible repair options, and if any parts need replacement.

An appliance installation cost depends on various factors. It includes the appliance make and model, and your kitchen configuration. It also depends on whether it’s a replacement, or a first-time hook-up. Unlike untrained installers, our plumbers will professionally install your appliance without any damage or breakage.

Following COVID-19 protocol

Dima Plumbing Company closely follows COVID-19 protocols to keep both your and our plumbers safe. Our priority is your health and safety. While we cannot control the virus’s unpredictability, we can adopt preventive measures to prevent its spread and impact. We have always kept our customers’ health and safety in mind. But now, more than ever strive to protect the health of our customers. We clean our feet on floor mats before entering your premises and wear shoe covers to protect your floors while working. We most importantly use a reduced contact experience while interacting with customers. We follow the necessary preventive safety measures set by the Federal Government and other agencies in Ontario and Toronto.

As per the COVID-19 health protocols, our plumbers:

Do you need custom plumbing work?

With custom plumbing, you can get exactly the fixtures and features you want, designed and installed with precision to ensure that everything works just the way you need it to. This can save you time and money in the long run, as well as make the space look much better.

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