Can you imagine waking up to a flooded bathroom floor? Well, it can pretty well happen if you don’t nip toilet repair problems in the bud!

Yes, toilet emergencies are devastating.

They are not only inconvenient but a toilet repair in Toronto can be expensive if not done on time. The best thing to do is to call your 24 hour plumber at the first signs of a clogged or leaking WC.

It doesn’t matter what the plumbing problem may be, Dima Plumbing is always ready to contain the situation. We are trained to efficiently diagnose and fix your latrine, especially when a plunger isn’t enough!

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Common types of toilet problems

Did you know that your everyday lavatory use makes it prone to wear and tear and consequent plumbing issues?

It’s inevitable, but what you can do is take care of it in time before it grows into extensive repairs.

Here are some common WC problems you should know about:

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Here are some common WC problems you should know about:

  • 1. Overflowing bowlA clog leads to the most common problem – an overflowing lavatory bowl. It happens if you forget to flush or if you had flushed wrong things like toys, plastic and sanitary napkins. The material ends up stuck in the pipe and it creates a block.
  • 2. Clogged drainIf you notice that water doesn’t drain as quickly as it used to, it’s probably because of a blocked toilet drainpipe. Sometimes all it takes is a plunger to resolve the drain problem Toronto. However, if it doesn’t help, then it’s better to call your professional plumber.
  • 3. Leaking valveLeaking valves not only lead to a puddle of water around your WC but also increases your monthly water bill. No matter if the leak’s inside the bowl or at the supply valve, it’s synonymous with your money flowing down the drain!
  • 4. Handle not working properlyFlushing is difficult if the lavatory handle is loose and wiggling. The solution lies in tightening or replacing the handle. Though you can do it yourself? Professionals from Dima Plumbing do a better job!
  • 6. Cracked or leaking baseCracked bowls or bases are especially common with old latrines. It leads to consequent water leakage, which can get from bad to worse if you aren’t careful. Imagine how much you will have to spend on WC repairs and cleaning up the leak if you wake up to a flooded bathroom floor!
  • 7. Clogged rimClogged rim jets are usually the cause for toilet water running slowly. So make sure you have your plumber check and clean the rim jets if your latrine isn’t flushing correctly.
  • 8. Damaged toilet flapperSometimes a warped or damaged rubber seal results in your toilet flapper not fully closing. It, in turn, means that the water keeps trying to fill to the tank’s designated water level. The sound of a continuously running WC is not only irritating; its related repairs and water loss are expensive.
  • 9. Water tank doesn’t fill properlyThe water tank not correctly filling up or too high or low a bowl water level is another common problem. The lavatory thus ends up emitting a hissing sound or flushing on its own.
  • 9. Water tank doesn’t fill properlyThe water tank not correctly filling up or too high or low a bowl water level is another common problem. The lavatory thus ends up emitting a hissing sound or flushing on its own.

Other common lavatory problems are 

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More than 25 years of Experience
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How you can handle toilet repair problems

There are a few things you can try out at WC repair before calling us

  • 1. Leaking toiletsWater pools under the WC may be because of a leaking water supply. In this case, you can try tightening the t-bolts. Any water around the base, especially after flushing, is usually because of a failed wax ring. You, however, have to call your 24 hour plumber to remove the wax ring.
  • 2. WC not flushingThe most common reason for the flush not working is a clogged lavatory. And the most effective way of dealing with it is by plunging. You have to place the plunger in the WC bowl over the hole and gently push up and down. Repeat a few times and then flush again once water starts going down the drain. You can also try removing the clog with a coat hanger if you don’t have a plunger. Just straighten the hanger out as much as possible, and push and try to remove the block. Wrapping its end with a rag helps prevent any damage to the WC bowl. However, if this doesn’t work, call Dima Plumbing services for a professional latrine repair.
  • 3. Toilet won’t stop running.It the lavatory won’t stop running, it’s probably due to the flapper valve. You can try replacing it yourself or call us to check if there is any debris in the valve assembly. It’s correct that toilet emergencies can happen anytime and without warning. You have to deal with it in the right manner. We know how important it is that your lavatory remains in good working condition all the time. We have a range of toilet repair services to take care of your WC repairs.

Possible reasons for clogged toilets

A clogged latrine is the most common toilet repair problem we face. It can create severe water damage to your home and is risky for your health too. And what’s more interesting is that there are so many reasons for a clogged WC.

Here is a list of the most common reasons:

  • Old cast iron drainsMost Toronto residents’ drainage systems have exceeded its expected lifetime of metal drainage. So it’s not surprising that the chlorine, lime, and calcium in water remains inside the pipes with time. You also notice corrosion of the drain parts, and the drainpipe opening collecting rust. With the entire pipe filling and getting blocked with sediment and debris, the toilet starts leaking and reduces flush flow.
  • Food flushed down the water bowlSome Toronto residents flush food down the toilet and suffer from a clogged WC as a consequence.
  • ToysYes, you will be surprised at how many frustrated mothers call, complaining about a lavatory plugged with some toy or the other! What seems to be a game to toddlers, ends up a nightmare to them!
  • Sanitary napkinsYou could say that this is the number one culprit for clogged toilets. The problem is most common in homes having basement bathrooms connected to sewage pumps. Cleaning drains plugged with tampons is rather expensive.
  • Poor WC installationPoor toilet installation can also lead to clogging issues. There are many instances where the plumbing systems seem to work perfectly well for years. It’s once a section of the piping slopes the wrong way that the pipes end up clogged. This is when your drains need cleaning and perhaps a pipe correction.

Dima Plumbing – Honest plumbers with an excellent reputation

Many plumbing companies in Toronto have a habit of including numerous additional charges when it comes to billing.

We don’t believe in including any unnecessary hidden charges to your bill. That’s why we don’t include vehicle fuel, overtime, or extra costs in our invoices. We charge you for only whatever you rightfully have to pay for your latrine repairs.

Prompt and efficient services with excellent results

We at Dima Plumbing have the expertise and capability at handling all types of toilet repair. It may be a minor problem like a running WC or a bigger, more structural issue. We know that just unblocking a drain won’t always give a solution. We also know that a clogged latrine may indicate something much bigger, like a sagging pipe or blocked vent stack. It doesn’t matter what the problem or reason may be. We have a team of licensed, qualified, and insured technicians ready to serve the people of Toronto 24/7. We offer affordable and efficient plumbing solutions to all types of residential and commercial properties. So no matter why your toilet is malfunctioning, all it takes is a phone call, and we are ready to serve you. We know how frustrating and difficult it may be to deal with WC repairs.

That’s why we at Dima Plumbing are ready to address your entire Toronto toilet repair, and plumbing needs 24/7. A customer-oriented company, your satisfaction is and will always be our top priority. It’s so that we can help ensure you carry on with your routine work without any interruptions. No matter how messy you may feel the situation is, we have the tools, experience, and people to take care of it.

Why should you hire a professional plumber from Dima Plumbing?

A few Toronto residents believe that DIY latrine repair is as efficient as a professional one. Unfortunately, little do they know that it’s nowhere as effective! We believe that plumbing should never be a hobby. All it takes is a wrong move by inexperienced homeowners to give disastrous results. Remember, Toronto has strict plumbing codes, and your home has to be up to code if you plan to sell it. Unfortunately, most DIY plumbing projects don’t consider this. It’s another reason for you to hire us for all your plumbing and toilet repair services. We have a team of expert professional plumbers in Toronto specializing in plumbing repair GTA. It doesn’t matter if you have plumbing repairs, maintenance, or a new pipe or faucet installation. Trust only an experienced licensed and experienced toilet repair plumber for the job.

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  • We are so glad we were able to find John, he is such a professional and so friendly. We've been in our house about a year and found a leak in our ceiling directly under one of our bathrooms. John was able to find that a gasket was missing from the bathtub drain, and also the toilet gasket was replaced as there was water around it. Everything done in less than an hour. Hoping this will fix our problem, but I am confident that we won't have leaks anymore! Thanks John!

    Adrian L Avatar Adrian L
    February 11, 2022

    We were very happy with the service we got from John. He was prompt in his response and came to our home quickly. He was able to resolve our plumbing issue efficiently and at a fair price. He even gave us a few hacks on how we can keep our pipes running smoothly to avoid similar issues in the future. We would definitely use him again and recommend him to our friends and family.

    Mimi (Mimi) Avatar Mimi (Mimi)
    July 11, 2022

    Incredible service! +++ So glad to have found John, as now our go to master plumber. He is very professional, reasonably priced, highly skilled and a true gentleman. Getting an accurate quote from John was quick and easy - I submitted pictures with my job list using their web form, received a fair quote within the hour, and a few minutes later I was able to book a convenient time with him. He came on time and communicated 30 minutes on the dot before arrival. He installed a handheld bidet sprayer with hot and cold water connection and a pair of water hammer arrestors for my front loading high efficiency washer. He worked clean and efficiently and checked everything with me before wrapping up. Highly recommend him and will be calling him for all my plumbing needs going forward.

    Wasifa Zarin Avatar Wasifa Zarin
    November 11, 2022
  • John is an absolute pleasure to deal with. One morning woke up to some really bad water stains on the kitchen ceiling due to some kind of leak in the bathroom above.. Reached out to John who was very attentive with excellent communication. He instructed me to take a couple photos and answer a few questions. He was able to diagnose the problem accurately and provide me with a quote for the work in a quick email exchange. He came, resolved my problem and everything was done well and completely transparent with everything.. He also took a look at another issue I had and provided great guidance there as well. I could not be more happy with the service John provided. He's a fantastic plumber and a great authentic, friendly guy. Look no further if you need a great plumbing services.

    Derek McIntosh Avatar Derek McIntosh
    May 11, 2022

    John did 3 separate jobs around my house including adding a filter outside, fixing a pipe inside my garage, and replacing a leaky toilet shut-off valve. Very happy with the quality of the work, and John took the time to answer my questions and explain what he was doing and why. Overall very satisfied and would use him again.

    Ioan B Avatar Ioan B
    June 11, 2022

    I’d used John’s service twice within last several months. First to replace the basket strainers with the kitchen sink, he also replaced the piping without charging extra when he saw the pipes not installed properly from before. Second time was to repair a leaking toilet. John was able to identify the issue when I explained to him on the phone and he came and fixed it. He also fixed other issue on the day he visited and the charges are reasonable. Will definitely use the again

    Ricky T Avatar Ricky T
    June 11, 2022
  • We had a problem with a leaking toilet that had to be fixed. I contacted John with my questions and received the response very promptly. After I was ready to go ahead with the repairs he was able to squeeze me into his schedule on the next day. He arrived on time and did a great job fixing the leak. It has been more than 8 months since that day and we have not had a single problem again. Another good thing that came out of his visit is that if something is going to go wrong with the plumbing in the condo I don't need to spend time searching for someone I trust with the plumbing work, I will definitely call him again.

    Nikolai Ozerov Avatar Nikolai Ozerov
    May 11, 2022

    I initially thought I needed a complete faucet change but after review, John mentioned I required a new cartridge which was not as expensive as initially quoted. I booked John for his honesty and integrity as I sent the same details to several other companies who quoted $800-$1200. John came within a 24 hour turn around time and fixed the leak in my faucet! Thank you again

    Neil Wiseman Avatar Neil Wiseman
    November 11, 2022

    Reliable and prompt service on multiple occasions. Installed a new sink and new toilets, fixed some indoor plumbing. Got the job done in a timely fashion with no pressure recommendations on work required and why.

    Duncan Smith Avatar Duncan Smith
    October 11, 2022
  • John has done a few jobs for me over the last few years. This last job was to fix a toilet and unclog a bathroom sink. John is always a pleasure to work with and is very quick to respond, arrives on time and gets the job done. I never hesitate in recommending Dima plumbing to my family and friends.

    Jennifer M Avatar Jennifer M
    June 11, 2022

    Needed to replace the Thermostatic valve in our shower. John Dima was on-time very professional and got to work right away. What I liked was how he worked; He put on shoe covers at the front door, was careful not to scratch or damage the shower, was constantly wiping down the surface to make sure it was clean and free of any debris. Awesome Job. I would recommend Dima Plumbing and will call upon him if we need future servicing.

    David Aaron Avatar David Aaron
    March 11, 2022

    We hired Dima Plumbing to replace our outdoor faucet since it was rusty and our old hose was corroded stuck on it. John came on time, was polite and personable, very efficient with the job, and offered helpful tips on what do with outdoor faucets during the winter. The highlight for me was watching John work. It was a quick and straightforward replacement (less than 30 mins) but you could see the years of knowledge and experience with how smoothly John replaced the old faucet, cleaned away the years of rust and corrosion, and attached the brand new bib. It was like watching those mastercraftsmen working effortlessly with their tools to scrape and sculpt something from nothing. Highly recommend John and Dima Plumbing!

    David Y Avatar David Y
    January 11, 2022
  • Excellent Work and Service We hired Dima Plumbing to install drainage for a new sink. John showed up on time and was very polite and professional. He took time to answer all of our questions and completed the job in no-time. He cleaned up nicely and provided helpful tips for keeping out drains clear. I would recommend Dima and John to anyone looking for plumbing repairs.

    Ragen Mangal Avatar Ragen Mangal
    January 11, 2022

    I recently used Dima Plumbing to replace an old toilet and its shut-off valve. I highly recommend their services. John's quote was reasonable compared other plumber's quotes I received. He was very prompt in everything - replying to my request for a quote, answering my questions, booking an appointment, and arriving for the work. He did the job efficiently, following COVID guidelines, and explained well what needed to be done. If I need future plumbing work, I will contact Dima Plumbing and will recommend this plumbing firm to my friends and family.

    Melanie Wilkens Avatar Melanie Wilkens
    January 11, 2022

    I contacted John (Dima Plumbing) to repair a broken copper pipe to my refrigerator ice maker; and to repair the main floor toilet. I found John to be very polite, professional, and knowledgeable. I am completely satisfied with the work done by John; and I will be contacting him for any future plumbing needs. Keep up the great work, John (Dima Plumbing) !!

    Rocco M Avatar Rocco M
    January 11, 2022
  • John was punctual and arrived prepared. Quality plumbing work on toilets, faucet & plumbing pipes. All repairs in timely manner. Very satisfied with work done. Definitely recommend to others requiring plumbing work.

    Peter Wehr Avatar Peter Wehr
    May 11, 2022

    John replaced 2 old leaky valves for an outdoor hose connection and inspected and tightened loose fittings in a kitchen sink drain. The work was completed quickly and tested to ensure all issues were resolved.

    Robert Kee Avatar Robert Kee
    May 11, 2022

    My call was courteously taken and John arrived on time. He quickly checked the issue with leak and then replaced the kitchen faucet quickly. He also worked on to unclog the pipe and all finished in a couple of hours. Very professional and good quality work. Will definitely call him the next time.

    Joe Kuroda Avatar Joe Kuroda
    January 11, 2021

When you hire Dima Plumbing, you can always count on:

This is the list of toilet repair solutions we have to offer:

Toilet Repair FAQs

Replacing a flapper usually helps take care of the problem.
You can try snaking it with an auger or plunging it to remove the blockage causing it.
It’s a consequence of wear and tear. They tend to shrink with time with constant exposure to cold water.
It usually costs about $300, but it depends on the WC make and model.
Yes, it is. All you have to do is ensure the tank’s water level is at the highest point before overflowing.
No, it’s not necessary. However, you can save water if you have one.
You can try tightening the t-bolts if it’s due to a leaking water supply. But you will have to call the professionals if it’s due to a failed wax ring.
It may be because of the flapper valve. You can try replacing it or call the professionals to do it.
You can try tightening the loose and wiggling handle. However, if it needs replacement, then it’s better done by affordable plumbers in my area.


We at Dima Plumbing services follow a strict COVID-19 policy and work tirelessly because our goal is to keep our entire community safe. We know that plumbing is a crucial service, which is why we make it our responsibility to keep our community safe and sanitized. Our plumbers work hard through this outbreak, keeping both their and the customers’ safety in mind.

Each gets a safety and disinfectant kit for their own and clients’ health comprising of disinfectant wipes, soap, bleach, fresh rags, hand sanitizer, and other equipment. They wear new gloves upon entering each new location and wipe and disinfect all surfaces both before and after touching things. All employees use hand sanitizers or wash their hands before and after entering the work location. They also have access to different types of masks to use if and as required. We also use thermo-guns to test each worker every day for fever. Our employees are asked to stay at home for two weeks after any travel, and if they have the government outlined symptoms.

Do you need custom plumbing work?

With custom plumbing, you can get exactly the fixtures and features you want, designed and installed with precision to ensure that everything works just the way you need it to. This can save you time and money in the long run, as well as make the space look much better.

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