Do you notice a foul smell in your water?
Is there a change in the color of your potable water?

If yes, it’s probably because of backflow, and is something that cannot be ignored.

You need to call Dima Plumbing in Toronto immediately for a solution, and proper backflow prevention.

Read on if you wonder what backflow is, and why you need to take immediate action.on.

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What is backflow?

As the term suggests, backflow is when the ordinary watercourse through pipes or drain is reversed. It is caused when the downward pressure is higher than upward pressure. This leads to a cross-connection of water and the consequent contamination of your potable water by non-portable sources. You risk having drain and sewage or water with fertilizers entering your water supply.
This is a considerable health risk, especially for people with hours and gardens. Backflow is also possible and risky in any water-based business like car washes, swimming pools, dental offices, restaurants, and dry cleaners. Dima Plumbing services can prevent backflow prevention for your family’s and the public’s safety.

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What are the possible causes of backflow?

Let’s take them individually:
  • BackpressureThis is a condition where your water connection pressure is higher than the city’s water supply system. It is this differential pressure that pushes water into the primary water supply system. It can also happen in heaters without efficient vents or outlets. The absence of efficient vents and outlets leads to pressure accumulating in the heater while water heats. This, in turn, leads to gas or water pushing in the wrong direction.
  • Back siphonageBack siphonage occurs when there is a significant reduction in pressure in the main distribution pipes. This reduction in pressure occurs if large amounts of water are removed from the system. Examples are like during a water main break or fire fighting. The abrupt pressure drop pulls water back into the system from nearby connections. The contaminants in the nearby connections thus contaminate the water supply. Back siphonage can also occur in toilets and sinks, especially where there are no backflow preventive measures.
  • Sewerage pipe damageSewage pipes carry wastewater from your homes to the local water system. Wear and tear can lead to the damage of these pipes with time, thus leading to backflow. You will know this happens through the leaks and foul smells in the water.
  • Local source damageLocal source damage is a fourth possible cross-contamination situation. It includes those rare backflow cases where the cause cannot be detected.

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More than 25 years of Experience
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Why does water flow backwards?

Water flows backwards when the pipe pressure is low, and there are various reasons for this.

Examples are poor construction by the water department, frozen or burst pipes, and pipelines with multiple hydrants or irrigation systems.

Multiple sprinklers lead to a drop in pressure in the absence of water in the sprinklers’ main supply pipe. This in turn causes the backflow of the water around the sprinkler. The pesticides and fertilizers in the water thus end up contaminating the drinking water supply.

Importance of backwater valves

How to prevent backflow?

Backflow prevention is possible by installing backflow prevention devices like backwater valves in numerous places.

New Toronto residential properties and commercial properties have a large backflow prevention device preventing the property’s wastewater from entering the city’s water supply.

Types of backflow prevention devices

There are two main types of backflow protection devices. They are:

Testable backflow prevention assemblies

These assemblies are used at service connections, and for internal protection. They need testing because their proper functioning plays an important part in preventing the contamination of public potable water supply.

The different types of testable backflow prevention assemblies are:

Non-testable backflow devices

These devices are used only for internal protection in your potable water system. So even if they fail, the testable assembly devices installed at the service connection protects the public potable water supply.

With there being many types of backflow prevention devices in the market, you can depend on Dima Plumbing to determine the most appropriate device for your establishment.

Backflow preventer installation

You know how important proper backflow preventer device installation is when you realize that a single contaminated property’s water can contaminate the entire water system. According to Toronto city laws, industrial, commercial, institutional, and multi-residential properties of 5 or more units have an increased chance of backflow and water contamination. These properties thus need backflow prevention devices.

Having a licensed, specialist plumber like John Dima of Dima Plumbing to install or maintain your backflow device correctly protects your property from potential water contamination.

Backflow preventer testing

We at Dima Plumbing believe that prevention is always better than cure.

We suggest testing your water backflow prevention devices at least annually before experiencing frozen pipes, burst water mains, or failure in water pressure.

It not only keeps your property and potable water safe, but it also ensures you comply with local sanitary regulations.

John Dima measuring back flow in Toronto

How Dima Plumbing can help you with backflow prevention?

We can take care of all the backflow prevention needs of homes, offices, hotels, schools, and other commercial locations. Our plumbers’ team is trained and experienced in providing top-quality plumbing services in Toronto when you need them. We are certified and licensed to follow Toronto’s plumbing rules and regulations. It doesn’t matter if you manage a simple restaurant or a commercial complex. Our plumbers can take care of all your plumbing and backflow prevention needs. We can help protect your property from harmful Toronto sewage repair. We have installed, serviced, and repaired these devices for GTA residents for more than 20 years. We have the workforce and equipment to handle residential and commercial backflow device construction projects as quickly as possible. We back our backwater valve services with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

20 years of experience

Dima Plumbing has been serving the people of Toronto and surrounding neighborhoods for more than 20 years now.

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Our plumbers’ team is trained, licensed, and insured to perform all types of plumbing related jobs. We follow a strict internal property safety policy where we fix what’s broken and nothing vice versa!

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We know how quickly you want to resolve your plumbing job. It’s why we punctually reach you at our promised time and don’t keep you waiting unnecessarily.

No more plumbing and backflow problems thanks to Dima Plumbing!

Plumbing problems may be frustrating and time-consuming for you. However, it’s something we do every day and is our bread and butter. We will be able to assess, diagnose, and even repair any plumbing and backflow problems you have much quicker than you will. We, in turn, can help you save lots of money through prompt diagnosis and action. Our preventive backflow testing and prevention can help save you lots of money you would otherwise spend remediating your home and treating yourself from health issues. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new plumbing installation or a plumbing emergency like backflow in a multi-residential, commercial, or industrial property.
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FAQs about backflow prevention

Yes, according to Toronto city laws, all multi-residential, commercial and industrial establishments need backflow prevention.
Most Businesses need backflow prevention, especially those involving water. Examples are medical facilities, manufacturing and processing plants, dental offices, laboratories, fire sprinklers, irrigation systems, and buildings with boilers. Purely residential facilities are exempted from the rule unless there are specific possibilities of cross-connections. Examples are single-family residences with a lawn irrigation system. There is the risk of fertilizer infused water backflow into the house.
Yes, it has to be checked by a certified tester at least annually to ensure its functioning properly. New assembly devices need testing on installation. It has to be repaired, and tested again, if it doesn’t work. You have to pay for the test and repairs. And the tester has to provide you and the water supplier with a test report copy.
It is a valve which closes when water backs up from the city into the house’s main drain.
Yes, you must use only approved backflow prevention assemblies. Always check the assembly’s manufacturer and model number with your water supplier to ensure it’s an approved assembly. Remember, any modifications made invalidate the approval. So do inform your water supplier or certified tester if the body looks changed.

A strict COVID-19 policy

We follow all COVID-19 safety protocols because we strive to keep you and our community safe.

a) Everyone has a safety and disinfectant kit for their and your health.

b) Our experts disinfect their hands and wear new gloves upon entering a new location.

c) All surfaces touched are wiped and disinfected before leaving.

d) Each employee has the necessary disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, fresh rags, bleach, and other equipment for sanitation purposes.

e) Our workers also have access to various masks and are frequently tested for fevers using thermo-guns.

f) We instruct employees who have been traveling and who exhibit government outlined symptoms to stay at home for 15 days before returning to work.

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