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The city of Toronto is the capital of Ontario and Canada’s economic engine, financial center, and largest employment center. It’s headquarters to multiple large banks, securities firms, and foreign bank subsidiaries and offers manufacturing and service industry jobs. However, despite all of this, you never know when you may end up with a plumbing problem in Toronto. Plumbing problems are unexpected, but we are always ready to take your call.

About Dima Plumbing in Toronto

We at Dima Plumbing focus on providing our customers with fast, efficient, and expert plumbing services. Our team of experienced plumbers will reach your doorstep as promised and resolve your plumbing issue in no time at all. And all this WITHOUT any hidden fees or charges. It’s because it’s our ideal to provide Toronto residents with affordable and professional trustworthy plumbers. Everything we do to resolve your plumbing issue is with your best interests at heart. It doesn’t matter if you have a small leak to repair or the entire plumbing line to replace, Dima Plumbing is ready to discuss and resolves the problem. We guarantee to offer top-notch expertise, letting you know you can always depend on Dima Plumbing for all your Toronto plumber issues.

Services Provided

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Looking for a Toronto plumber near you offering accurate plumbing services?

We use the latest techniques and equipment to get to the root of any problem quickly. Our technicians thoroughly assess your plumbing system and first provide an accurate, honest, and cost-effective solution. Only when you are comfortable and happy with our solution and quote, our plumbers get to work. This way, we ensure there are no surprises! And we provide all our repair and installation works that follow the highest industry standards while keeping your safety and comfort in mind.
Here are the plumbing services we have to offer to the residents of Toronto:

  • Sewage and drainage maintenance and repairs in TorontoOur professional plumbing experts will use the latest technology including a drain camera inspection to determine the severity of the block or leak and work on repairing your clogged drains.
  • Drain Cleaning in TorontoDrain cleaning is often necessary to solve the problems with the drainage system. It’s a process of clearing clogs and other blockages from plumbing pipes. This process helps to make sure that the normal functioning of the pipe is not compromised and that it remains as efficient as possible. Professional drain cleaners use a variety of tools and equipment to fix these problems for home and business owners. This can include items such as drain rods, snake apparatus, or even power augers – depending on what the problem is and where it is located in the system. Call Dima Plumbing for your drain cleaning job.
  • Pipe repairs in TorontoPipes leaking is a sign of a plumbing emergency – you never know how quickly the water spreads through your home to cause extensive damage! We give top priority to pipe repairs in the Toronto area.
  • Toilet repairs in TorontoThere are many reasons for your toilet flushing issue, which usually starts deep down the drainage system. It is usually sludge and grease that prevents toilets from correctly flushing or tree roots causing toilet malfunctions. We can also install a bidet in your washroom.
  • Faucet repairs in TorontoLeaky faucets are a common plumbing issue, which we can quickly resolve. Unfortunately, many people ignore the problem, leading to possibly a more expensive faucet replacement and flood later on!
  • Toronto sump pumps installationA sump pump lasts more than a decade, with proper and periodic maintenance. Dima Plumbing can help you with its maintenance so that it serves you throughout its lifetime.
  • Backflow prevention in TorontoWe know backflow is a massive problem because it can lead to contamination in your house and through your Toronto neighbourhood. We help prevent this with an annual backflow test and such unhealthy contamination.
  • Toronto water heatersOur technicians can repair your faulty water heater. No matter how well you take care of it, there’s always the factor of wear and tear leading to its deterioration and even possible need for replacement.
  • Appliances installations and repairs in TorontoIs your dishwasher making weird noises? Do you need to install a new dishwasher? Call us for any appliance questions you might have and don’t wait for your problem to become an emergency.

How Dima Plumbing is different from other commercial plumbing services

Dima Plumbing is different from other drain and plumbing companies in Toronto and GTA because:

Voted best plumbers in Toronto and GTA

We have been voted on HomeStars best plumbers for the past several years and received different awards and appreciations including best plumbing reviews from our clients.

Emergency plumbing repair service Toronto, Ontario

Dima Plumbing knows that plumbing emergencies can occur anytime. That’s why we are available even on weekends and evenings, to ensure our customers receive 24/7 emergency service. We guarantee we will provide a high-quality solution, at no extra cost, even if you call us early in the morning or middle of the night. Our technicians answer your call and reach your home in downtown Toronto to its outskirts as quickly as possible. Our dedication lies in providing house owners like you with 24-hour emergency plumbing services and resolves all your plumbing issues.

Do you need custom plumbing work?

With custom plumbing, you can get exactly the fixtures and features you want, designed and installed with precision to ensure that everything works just the way you need it to. This can save you time and money in the long run, as well as make the space look much better.

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