Do you notice some foul smells in the bathroom or kitchen? Do you see your drains don’t drain as usual and that the toilet doesn’t flush but overflows? If yes, it’s essential you take quick action because plumbing problems can be a nightmare. You are stuck with backed up and dirty water in sinks and toilets, and have to remove the clog that’s anywhere in the system.
You end up wasting time and energy doing it yourself. Besides, you unnecessarily get filthy, in case of nasty clogs. Various factors ascertain how long the blockage remains and how frequently it occurs. The most important is the age of the plumbing system. Older pipes are more susceptible to clogged pipes because of corrosion over time. Another reason is the improper installation of pipes, which can lead to inefficient drainage and frequent pipe blockages. Of course, household use is another factor to consider. The accumulation of personal hygiene and grooming products, oils, hair, kitchen scraps, and hair can lead to continuing growth in pipes and eventual clogging. This is why the rural area homes in Great Toronto Area are prone to drain blockage.

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There’s a high chance of small debris, tree roots, and leaves interfering and reaching into the drainage system. However, we at Dima Plumbing have all the latest diagnostics and repair clogged drain techniques required to perform a complete drain inspection, cleaning, unclogging, and snaking. We will even help and advise you in preventing future drain blockages and clogs. It doesn’t matter if you have a minor plumbing problem like longer drainage time or an emergency like backflow flooding.
We have a team of fully-trained and highly skilled plumbers in the latest technology for all plumbing woes. We use techniques like drain snaking, snaking video inspection, drain hydro jetting, and drain excavation to resolve your drainage problem. We work at restoring your central line/sewer system to its original free-flowing health to let you continue with your everyday chores. We use modern tools to clean drainage systems and work at solving the problem without much effort and hassle, using tools that do not damage your drain system.

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Drain repairs in Toronto and its surrounding areas

We know how unpleasant and inconvenient a backed-up sink, tub, or floor drain can be. A sewer backup is especially dangerous because it can lead to harmful bacteria that are difficult to eradicate. We know the importance of speed in these situations. We are quick to arrive at the scene to use the latest technology for unplugging the drain and cleaning up the area. How Dima Plumbing helps with drain repair? Our team of specialists first identifies the issue, using a video camera inspection for deeper lying problems. Our technician discovers the root of the problem and discusses the problem with you. We then recommend the most effective solution, and keep you posted on our actions. We also keep you involved in whatever we do, and will proceed only after your approval.
Don’t worry if you have a stubborn clog that you can’t clear. Dima Plumbing services, affordable plumbers in your area, will get the job done. We know homeowners often encounter some clogged drain or the other like the kitchen, bathroom, toilet, or shower. That’s why we are here to help you out. We have been fixing clogged drain problems through Toronto for 20+ years now. Besides, we have the best equipment and expertise necessary to handle all sorts of clogged drains. Our technicians will assess the situation to find out if the clog is internal or external. We then unclog your drain most quickly and efficiently. We first use a unique chemical combination of natural bacteria and enzymes to digest the organic waste in your home’s drainage system. In the case of an external clog like invasive tree roots, then we have different tools like a drain camera and hydro jetting as a solution.
Though drastic, excavation and pipe replacement is sometimes necessary. It requires lots of knowledge and expertise to perform the job correctly. With a full excavation being such a labor-intensive process, Dima Plumbing company employs experienced staff highly trained in all forms of digging for the job. Do not trust such an important task to any novice or fly-by-night plumber but in the able hands of Dima Plumbing, your 24-hour plumber. Our technicians perform a drain camera inspection to examine the problem and first try clearing the drain using drain snake equipment. It’s only as an ultimate, permanent solution that we opt for a complete drain pipe replacement through excavation.
A tree-lined street looks attractive. However, do you know that the amount of havoc the tree roots can wreck on the underground sanitary drain line? Tree roots easily infiltrate the drain line and make it difficult for water and sewage to pass through, into the city sewer system. This problem leads to significant plumbing issues and is a problem that won’t fix itself. A drain camera inspection is the best way to identify tree roots in drains. Our qualified technician first runs a camera through the drainage/sewer pipes to confirm that tree roots are the problem. They then provide the best course of action to be taken based on the problem, their years of experience, and vast plumbing knowledge. They go over each step of the process with you and keep you informed of their actions. They work to provide a solution to the tree roots in your drain.

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More than 25 years of Experience
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Drain sewer video inspection

Most plumbing, drain, and sewer systems are not only complicated but are underground and with twists and turns. So it’s difficult to assess and diagnose the exact problem. Master Plumber John Dima inspecting a drain in Toronto However, we at Dima Plumbing have a solution in the form of a drain sewer video inspection. It’s perfect for diagnosing the drainage system to assess if there’s a clog, root intrusion, or cracked or misaligned pipes without any digging. The resulting recording is a high quality video, just like domestic videos. 

It’s upon identifying the root of the problem that our certified and experienced plumbers determine the best solution for the issue. Many homeowners also use our video inspection services to inspect a home’s plumbing system before buying it.
Dima Plumbing’s drain sewer video inspection services include:

We can also provide you with video recordings if required, and will recommend the right course of action after discovering the problem.

OTC drain cleaning chemicals can weaken pipes

Most of our clients ask if we recommend using OTC (Over the counter) drain cleaning chemicals to clean pipes. We don’t suggest any because they do more harm than good. They weaken your pipes with time and only lead to leaks. Our technicians clean out drains using safe equipment like augers and specialized snaking equipment, which doesn’t weaken pipes.
Dima Plumbing’s drain sewer video inspection services include:

We can also provide you with video recordings if required, and will recommend the right course of action after discovering the problem.

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  • We are so glad we were able to find John, he is such a professional and so friendly. We've been in our house about a year and found a leak in our ceiling directly under one of our bathrooms. John was able to find that a gasket was missing from the bathtub drain, and also the toilet gasket was replaced as there was water around it. Everything done in less than an hour. Hoping this will fix our problem, but I am confident that we won't have leaks anymore! Thanks John!

    Adrian L Avatar Adrian L
    February 11, 2022

    We were very happy with the service we got from John. He was prompt in his response and came to our home quickly. He was able to resolve our plumbing issue efficiently and at a fair price. He even gave us a few hacks on how we can keep our pipes running smoothly to avoid similar issues in the future. We would definitely use him again and recommend him to our friends and family.

    Mimi (Mimi) Avatar Mimi (Mimi)
    July 11, 2022

    Incredible service! +++ So glad to have found John, as now our go to master plumber. He is very professional, reasonably priced, highly skilled and a true gentleman. Getting an accurate quote from John was quick and easy - I submitted pictures with my job list using their web form, received a fair quote within the hour, and a few minutes later I was able to book a convenient time with him. He came on time and communicated 30 minutes on the dot before arrival. He installed a handheld bidet sprayer with hot and cold water connection and a pair of water hammer arrestors for my front loading high efficiency washer. He worked clean and efficiently and checked everything with me before wrapping up. Highly recommend him and will be calling him for all my plumbing needs going forward.

    Wasifa Zarin Avatar Wasifa Zarin
    November 11, 2022
  • John is an absolute pleasure to deal with. One morning woke up to some really bad water stains on the kitchen ceiling due to some kind of leak in the bathroom above.. Reached out to John who was very attentive with excellent communication. He instructed me to take a couple photos and answer a few questions. He was able to diagnose the problem accurately and provide me with a quote for the work in a quick email exchange. He came, resolved my problem and everything was done well and completely transparent with everything.. He also took a look at another issue I had and provided great guidance there as well. I could not be more happy with the service John provided. He's a fantastic plumber and a great authentic, friendly guy. Look no further if you need a great plumbing services.

    Derek McIntosh Avatar Derek McIntosh
    May 11, 2022

    John did 3 separate jobs around my house including adding a filter outside, fixing a pipe inside my garage, and replacing a leaky toilet shut-off valve. Very happy with the quality of the work, and John took the time to answer my questions and explain what he was doing and why. Overall very satisfied and would use him again.

    Ioan B Avatar Ioan B
    June 11, 2022

    I’d used John’s service twice within last several months. First to replace the basket strainers with the kitchen sink, he also replaced the piping without charging extra when he saw the pipes not installed properly from before. Second time was to repair a leaking toilet. John was able to identify the issue when I explained to him on the phone and he came and fixed it. He also fixed other issue on the day he visited and the charges are reasonable. Will definitely use the again

    Ricky T Avatar Ricky T
    June 11, 2022
  • We had a problem with a leaking toilet that had to be fixed. I contacted John with my questions and received the response very promptly. After I was ready to go ahead with the repairs he was able to squeeze me into his schedule on the next day. He arrived on time and did a great job fixing the leak. It has been more than 8 months since that day and we have not had a single problem again. Another good thing that came out of his visit is that if something is going to go wrong with the plumbing in the condo I don't need to spend time searching for someone I trust with the plumbing work, I will definitely call him again.

    Nikolai Ozerov Avatar Nikolai Ozerov
    May 11, 2022

    I initially thought I needed a complete faucet change but after review, John mentioned I required a new cartridge which was not as expensive as initially quoted. I booked John for his honesty and integrity as I sent the same details to several other companies who quoted $800-$1200. John came within a 24 hour turn around time and fixed the leak in my faucet! Thank you again

    Neil Wiseman Avatar Neil Wiseman
    November 11, 2022

    Reliable and prompt service on multiple occasions. Installed a new sink and new toilets, fixed some indoor plumbing. Got the job done in a timely fashion with no pressure recommendations on work required and why.

    Duncan Smith Avatar Duncan Smith
    October 11, 2022
  • John has done a few jobs for me over the last few years. This last job was to fix a toilet and unclog a bathroom sink. John is always a pleasure to work with and is very quick to respond, arrives on time and gets the job done. I never hesitate in recommending Dima plumbing to my family and friends.

    Jennifer M Avatar Jennifer M
    June 11, 2022

    Needed to replace the Thermostatic valve in our shower. John Dima was on-time very professional and got to work right away. What I liked was how he worked; He put on shoe covers at the front door, was careful not to scratch or damage the shower, was constantly wiping down the surface to make sure it was clean and free of any debris. Awesome Job. I would recommend Dima Plumbing and will call upon him if we need future servicing.

    David Aaron Avatar David Aaron
    March 11, 2022

    We hired Dima Plumbing to replace our outdoor faucet since it was rusty and our old hose was corroded stuck on it. John came on time, was polite and personable, very efficient with the job, and offered helpful tips on what do with outdoor faucets during the winter. The highlight for me was watching John work. It was a quick and straightforward replacement (less than 30 mins) but you could see the years of knowledge and experience with how smoothly John replaced the old faucet, cleaned away the years of rust and corrosion, and attached the brand new bib. It was like watching those mastercraftsmen working effortlessly with their tools to scrape and sculpt something from nothing. Highly recommend John and Dima Plumbing!

    David Y Avatar David Y
    January 11, 2022
  • Excellent Work and Service We hired Dima Plumbing to install drainage for a new sink. John showed up on time and was very polite and professional. He took time to answer all of our questions and completed the job in no-time. He cleaned up nicely and provided helpful tips for keeping out drains clear. I would recommend Dima and John to anyone looking for plumbing repairs.

    Ragen Mangal Avatar Ragen Mangal
    January 11, 2022

    I recently used Dima Plumbing to replace an old toilet and its shut-off valve. I highly recommend their services. John's quote was reasonable compared other plumber's quotes I received. He was very prompt in everything - replying to my request for a quote, answering my questions, booking an appointment, and arriving for the work. He did the job efficiently, following COVID guidelines, and explained well what needed to be done. If I need future plumbing work, I will contact Dima Plumbing and will recommend this plumbing firm to my friends and family.

    Melanie Wilkens Avatar Melanie Wilkens
    January 11, 2022

    I contacted John (Dima Plumbing) to repair a broken copper pipe to my refrigerator ice maker; and to repair the main floor toilet. I found John to be very polite, professional, and knowledgeable. I am completely satisfied with the work done by John; and I will be contacting him for any future plumbing needs. Keep up the great work, John (Dima Plumbing) !!

    Rocco M Avatar Rocco M
    January 11, 2022
  • John was punctual and arrived prepared. Quality plumbing work on toilets, faucet & plumbing pipes. All repairs in timely manner. Very satisfied with work done. Definitely recommend to others requiring plumbing work.

    Peter Wehr Avatar Peter Wehr
    May 11, 2022

    John replaced 2 old leaky valves for an outdoor hose connection and inspected and tightened loose fittings in a kitchen sink drain. The work was completed quickly and tested to ensure all issues were resolved.

    Robert Kee Avatar Robert Kee
    May 11, 2022

    My call was courteously taken and John arrived on time. He quickly checked the issue with leak and then replaced the kitchen faucet quickly. He also worked on to unclog the pipe and all finished in a couple of hours. Very professional and good quality work. Will definitely call him the next time.

    Joe Kuroda Avatar Joe Kuroda
    January 11, 2021

Drain snaking

While a plunger resolves minor pipe blockages, the problem can get dangerous if the clog breaks up. It scatters through the plumbing system to cause smaller blockages through your home. They can eventually lead to worse clogs through the drainage system. It’s usually solid objects like child’s toys, stones, or keys trapped in pipes that cause significant clogs a simple plunger cannot remove. Our plumbers here resort to sewer snaking using an pipe auger or drain snake to remove it.It’s inserted and pushed into the pipe to clear the blockage and free the pipe. It’s the continual prodding and pushing that loosens the object, to provide enough space for water to pass through. However, objects like hair and toys may have to be hooked and pulled out because they don’t come out on their own. Once done, our professionals also take time to advise clients and homeowners to prevent repeated blockages. Our main piece of advice is: Always keep objects like food, hair, food bits, grease, newspaper, and sanitary napkins out of the drains to prevent clogs.

How are drainage and sewage different?

A proper drainage system and sewage system is essential for sending out excess or wastewater in any home, building, or country. Though most people think that drainage and sewer systems are the same, there are some differences.


Sewage is the system which carries away waste matter. There are two types of wastewater- foul and surface water. Foul water is the water from sinks, toilets, showers, and kitchens, which can also include solid waste. Surface water is water from the roof that flows down pipes and rainwater. Sewage is a privately owned pipe, or public sewer system that carries away foul or surface waste. The slope of the pipes, volume of sewage, and the route of sewers are kept in mind while designing the sewage system. The waste should flow even under gravity and without leaving any solids behind. Modern sewage system includes domestic, industrial, and storm sewers. The sludge obtained through sedimentation can be used either as fertilizer or dumped into the sea.
Installation of sewer pipes in a bathroom of an apartment interior during renovation works. Gray
Cleaner in rubber gloves shows waste in the plughole protector of a kitchen sink


The drainage system is the system of drains or watercourses that carries out excess water. Any establishment needs to have a proper drainage system without which there won’t be any adequate disposal of water. The absence of an appropriate method of drainage leads to standing water, which eventually smells and promotes mosquito breeding. It, in turn, starts diseases

Differences between sewage and drainage

Though both sewage and drainage carry water, they have their differences: Drainage systems dispel excess water to sea or other suitable water bodies. However, a sewage system carries out and properly disposes of the wastewater and solids. In short, the sewage system is a drainage system for dispelling wastewater and solids. While drainage systems are human-made or natural like rivers and lakes, sewage systems are usually human-made. Sewers carry both water and solid waste, while drainage carries only excess water. The government or private sector maintains the sewage system. However, the local or federal government, or the state, maintains drainage systems. While it’s possible to open drainage to air, it’s not possible to open sewage.

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Some various issues or behaviours can lead to clogged drains and drain backups. While regular maintenance and proper drain usage help to prevent it, drain backups can be a consequence of: Improper waste disposal: Not only sanitary napkins but also other ‘flushable’ items like facial tissue, towels, and baby wipes can trigger a drain backup. Tree roots in the drain: Sometimes, tree roots enter the sewer line through a crack and grow well in the environment to block water. Broken pipes: Old Toronto homes may have old and damaged pipes that lead to a drain backup. Build-up: Things like hair and dead skin cells going down the bathroom drain, or food bits and oils, fats, and grease poured down kitchen sinks can eventually clog pipes.
All it takes is a small crack in a pipe or a loose joint to lead to tree roots entering the pipe. Trees need water, nutrients, and oxygen to grow, which they find in your sewer/drain pipe and thrive in them. Once inside, the roots can get problematic with its hair-like extensions entangling anything while it grows down your drain pipe. It’s usually only when there’s trouble in water drainage that you notice something is wrong.
While it’s left to the homeowner to decide when to replace the drain line, some common reasons for a replacement are:
✓ Repeated blocked and clogged drains needing frequent repair
✓ The sewer system is over 30 years old and has worn out with time and use.
✓ Chemical drains cleaners can with time war out and corrode sewers.
Your plumber is the best person to assess your drainage and sewage system to determine if it should be replaced or not.
Quick action can help prevent a blockage if you notice roots in your drain. You won’t have many options once the water stops flowing in the pipe. For example, while copper sulphate and products like Root-X do kill roots, it’s useful only if water flows through the pipeline. A drain cleaning machine can temporarily open a wholly blocked pipe. However, it requires future cleaning and even a possible sewer repair or replacement.
Common sense helps the most at preventing drain lines from clogging. For example, stop putting grease, too much soap, or food into the drain. It’s also worth placing a strainer at the end of the washing machine’s drain hose. It catches lint and other objects that may end up clogging pipelines with time. Similarly, placing a filter on a bathtub or shower drain helps. It catches hair and other objects to prevent it from going down the drain, and thus prevents frequent drain cleaning.
Water jetting is the latest drain cleaning technique plumber’s use. It involves sending highly pressurized water into the drain line. Water jetting is the best for removing grease clogs inside drain pipes. Traditional drain cleaning machines don’t help remove grease clogs while sewer cleaning machine blades may spin around but don’t remove grease clogs. A water jet is also helpful at removing sediment or debris inside drain pipes. However, it’s an added drain cleaning expense that’s not so useful in other cases.
Many drain cleaning companies make false promises of unclogging drain pipes in an hour or less. The time needed for unclogging drains depends on various factors like the company size, the service area, and their in-house infrastructure. Reputable companies like Dima Plumbing, your 24/7 plumber, offer an accurate response time of within half an hour. One or two hours are enough to resolve most plumbing services. However, the industry norm is to give advanced notice to the client in case of a delay. The time required mostly depends on travel time. So it’s better to verify if you are in the company’s service area. The chances of a quick response are higher if you are. If not, you may have to wait a little longer for them to respond to your call.
It’s only after assessing and diagnosing the nature and extent of the problem it is possible to determine an exact price and give a quote. Unfortunately, most firms are reluctant to provide an estimate. Some also use various contingencies to justify any price changes after it’s quoted. Unless there is the chance of some unforeseen conditions requiring additional workforce or drain cleaning equipment, the prices should remain intact. It’s reasonable for a price change if some additional equipment is needed because of a change in the reported condition. You only pay the quote, and any mutually approved upon changes, while dealing with Dima Plumbing, your affordable plumbers in Toronto and GTA area. With the customer being our focus, we provide quality drain services at a reasonable cost. Not only are our rates lower than most of our competitors, but your underground drainage lines also come with a lifetime warranty. It’s enough proof of the confidence we have in our work and staff. Our level of expertise not only minimizes the working time on the client’s property but also quickly reduces further damage. It’s both cost-efficient and safe for your family. Besides, our professional services team keeps itself up-to-date about the latest drain chemicals/cleaning agents.

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