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Drain sewage

Drain & Sewage

Clogged pipes, sewage backup or foul odours?


Faucet Repair

Leaking or broken faucets ?

Pipe repair

Pipe Repair

Proper sewage drainage prevents water waste.

Sump pump

Sump Pumps

Sump Pumps installation and maintenance.


Toilet Repair

Toilet leaking or not flushing properly?


Water Heaters

Installation and repair

Backflow preventer

Backflow Prevention

A backflow prevention devices.

Drain & Sewage

Clogged pipes, sewage backup or foul odour coming from the draining system are indicators of serious drainage problems. The occurrence and frequency of such are greatly dependant on the age of the plumbing system, whether it was properly installed in the first place, household use/impact on the plumbing, and property location.

Older pipes are more susceptible to clogging due to pipe corrosion over time. Improper installation of the plumbing system can lead to inefficient draining and, as a result, recurrent blockages in pipes. Accumulation of personal hygiene and grooming products, oils, kitchen scraps, hair, etc. in pipes results in residue growth and, eventually, clogging. Rural area homes are more prone to drain blockage, as small debris, leaves and tree roots could potentially interfere with and/or find its way into the into the drainage system.

Back water valve


Whether you are inconvenienced by a minor plumbing issue, such as water taking longer than usual to drain, or are faced with the emergency of a backflow flooding- the expertise of Dima Plumbing is available 24/7 to address any type of your plumbing concern!

We have the latest diagnostics and repair technology for thorough drain inspection, drain cleaning, drain unclogging and drain ‘snaking’. We also have the know-how to help you prevent future drain blockages and clogs.

Faucet Repair

Leaking faucets are irritating. They are also incredibly wasteful- broken faucets can leak thousands of gallons of water and lead to higher utility bills. In some cases, a leaking faucet is an indication of other, more serious plumbing issues.

Major causes of broken faucets are mineral deposits in the faucet elements (such as spout), defective gaskets, loose o-rings or worn-out washers, and corrosion of the valve seat. Although a leaking faucet is usually a simple plumbing issue to fix, we recommend leaving the matter to professionals. A broken faucet could turn out to be part of a larger plumbing problem in your home, not immediately evident. In some cases, the leakage could also be due to an improperly installed element that requires adjustment or replacement.


Dima Plumbing guarantees professional, timely and fair-priced assessment and repair of broken indoor and outdoor faucets, as well as installation of new faucets. We will ensure that the faucet style of your choice is properly sized and fitted.

Pipe Repair

Water service1 Buildup of corrosion, especially in older pipes, leads to clogging, leaking and bursting of pipes. Improper installation of the plumbing system can lead to inefficient draining and, as a result, recurrent blockages in pipes. Leaking pipes are wasteful and rack up high utility bills. Pipe repair Pipes clogged by grooming and household products, kitchen scraps, hair and debris result in water backup in toilets, sinks and tubs. Burst and frozen pipes can lead to flooding, mess and serious structural damage.

Well functioning pipes ensure proper drainage of sewage, prevent water waste through leakage, maintain good water pressure in your home. Improper installation of pipes, time, heavy usage and environmental factors lead to pipe malfunctions that almost always require immediate repair.

Pipe repair2

Correct identification of the source of pipe malfunction helps to address the issue effectively and efficiently. Dima Plumbing has the expertise you need and we offer the pipe repair service across the GTA.

Sump Pumps

Sump Pumps are installed at the lowest part of a house basement, in a specifically constructed sump pump pit, to pump the water away from a house and thus prevent drainage system from flooding. Basement flooding can cause serious damage to your property and require expensive repairs. Constantly present moisture also leads to growth of mildew and mold, which poses health risks and further structural and plumbing deterioration.

Several factors can increase probability of flooding, such as age of municipal sewage system connected to your house, proximity to a natural body of water, soil consistency and geographical location (low level) of a house.

Sump pump

Dima Plumbing recommends installing a sump pump before finishing or during renovation of a basement. Appropriate plumbing system and a sump pump pit has to be installed under the basement floor, along with the piping placement to vent off radon gas.

Toilet Repair

Toilet repairs are some of the most common and time-sensitive plumbing needs. Chlorine, lime and calcium in water lead to deposit formation and corrosion of the element parts. Over time, this results in toilet leakage and decreased flush flow. Leaking toilets waste water and increase utility bills. Clogged toilets can cause serious water damage to your home and pose risk to your health. Incorrect use or overuse of personal hygiene products is often the culprit of blockage in a plumbing system. Our plumbing experience also indicates that clogged and leaking toilets are inevitable, if a toilet is installed incorrectly.

Whether a toilet is clogged, leaking or does not flush properly- professionals at Dima Plumbing are trained to diagnose and fix the problem, when plunger action is not enough!

Toilet repair

Water Heaters

Water heaters

Uninterrupted supply of hot water is essential to residential and commercial dwelling. Repair, proactive maintenance and installation of water heater should be performed by a licensed professional, to avoid causing further damage to the appliance and the property and incurring further expenses.

If you own your water heater (versus renting) and are faced with a water heater problem, such as leakage, no hot water, slow or irregular heating of water, residue and foul smell- please contact our licensed professionals for assistance. At Dima Plumbing, we are experts in maintenance and repairs of traditional water tank heaters, as well as the tankless water heater models.

Dima Plumbing also provides fair-priced, timely and professional installation of water heaters.

Backflow Prevention

A backflow prevention device is used to protect potable water supplies from contamination or pollution due to backflow. Backflows can happen due to a sudden change in water pressure, causing contaminants to flow into property’s potable water supply.

Dima Plumbing professionals specialize in installation of approved backflow prevention assemblies, in accordance with Plumbing and Building Codes. We are certified by OWWA to install, test or repair your backflow preventer device, required to meet backflow prevention codes.

Backflow preventer

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