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Many homeowners opt to handle ‘simple’ tasks as installing kitchen faucets on their own, at home, with the many YouTube do-it-yourself videos available. They hope to save money this way instead of hiring a professional.

However, only after trying do they realize that things don’t look as easy as it does on the videos. It usually ends up with even the simple task of installing kitchen faucets leading to a bigger problem.

In short, replacing faucets is not an easy job. Read on to learn why and when it’s time to hire a professional plumber.

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Reasons to hire professional Toronto plumber

1. Plumbers have the required tools

It’s not always that your toolbox tools can help you with your job. The tools you need depend on the type of faucet you are installing and how your sink lies on the countertop. Buying new equipment for a one-time job or repairs is expensive.

An expert plumber, however, installs faucets every day and has the necessary tools ready. Many a time, you end up paying less on plumbing repair costs than on buying new tools.

2. Plumbers in GTA cities have the necessary knowledge and experience

The simple task of removing and installing a new kitchen faucet involves dealing with your home’s plumbing system. With your inexperience, you may end up with some extensive leaks in pipes after the installation.

Besides, you need to install all fixtures properly to get a water-tight seal. All it takes is one part falling out of line to spring a leak. Even a tiny leak is dangerous because it can lead to mold growth or possible structural damage.

Plumbers know how to install all types of faucets and all the tricky issues of the installations. So with their doing the job, you know that they will tightly put things together to prevent leaks. Besides, they do not even crush anything out of shape in the process.

3. Toronto Plumbers are quick

Thanks to their expertise and knowledge, plumbers work fast. While you may take hours to figure out how to install the faucet, your professional plumber does it in minutes.

4. A Plumber makes minimal mistakes

You will likely end up making some mistakes leading to wet and messy results while installing the faucet yourself. However, licensed plumbers make no mistakes, so there’s no need to worry about any water damage.

5. Plumbers do not damage other fixtures

You may end up scratching your counter top or sink while trying to fix or install the faucet yourself. Not only is this tough to repair, but you may also have to replace the entire sink or counter top eventually.

That’s way more expensive than hiring a professional plumber!

Plumbers know how to protect and prevent harm to your furniture to reduce your fixtures’ risk dramatically. The best plumbers even offer a guarantee for their workmanship.

Besides, they also help preserve the warranties that come with most new plumbing fixtures for your home. It saves you from paying for replacements or repairs for any future damages due to the manufacturer’s defects.

Last but not least, professional plumbers inspect your plumbing before installing the faucet. They will find and repair any minor warning signs you may miss doing repairs on your own and prevent future damage.

In short, you end up saving more money if you hire a professional plumber to install your kitchen faucet. So turn to professional plumbing in GTA cities and not YouTube DIY videos for help the next time to install or repair faucets or for other plumbing problems.

Common Plumbing FAQ

How much does a professional plumber service cost in Toronto?

A plumber in Toronto generally charges between $90 and $145 an hour. The rates may increase for emergency calls and calls on weekends and holidays.

What should I look for when hiring a plumber?

There are five important qualifications to look for while hiring a plumbing contractor. They are proper licensing, rates, references, warranty and business experience.

When should I call a plumber for a leaky faucet?

Sometimes broken pipes or high water pressure can lead to faucet leaks. This is when you need to call professionals for your plumbing repairs. While you may reduce the water pressure, there’s the risk of it rising anyway.

When should I change kitchen faucets?

Kitchen faucets usually last for 15-20 years and may require replacement when it nears the lifespan. Another sign that it’s time to replace your faucet is when it constantly needs repairs.

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