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Bidets are no longer just a European fad. According to Wikipedia, as of March 2016, 81% of households in Japan have installed a bidet. These septic and eco-friendly devices are becoming increasingly common in homes across the US and Canada. Anyone who’s ever used one quickly appreciates the benefits. They design bidets to comfortably allow you to wrap up your business, reduce the probability of clogged drains and protect the environment by further reducing paper waste.

What is the most common bidet for toilets?

There are a wide variety of bidets available on the market right now, but there are two that are far more commonly used than any others.
• Toilet seat bidets
• Traditional Porcelain Bidets

Traditionally a porcelain bidet will be mounted on either the wall or the floor and come in a variety of styles. When you’re talking about a toilet seat today, this is an additional attachment that connects to your toilet directly. The most popular toilet seat bidets are electric and they even heat the water before washing. In some parts of the world handheld bidets are popular undies take a water supply directly from your toilet cistern.

Reasons to install and use a bidet

Bidet installation isn’t the huge time-consuming project you think it might be once it’s done it offers a wide variety of benefits including:

Improved hygiene

If you’ve ever felt unseen leaving the bathroom, you won’t have to worry about this ever again, as proper use of a bidet will offer you a fresh clean feeling every time. Also, between 60% to 70% of Canadians will develop hemorrhoids in their lifetime. When someone suffers from hemorrhoids, the recommendation is to wash instead of wiping, and using a bidet has shown some improvements in treating and prevention of hemorrhoids.

european style bidet next to a toilet in a washroom
Erupoean style bidet

Reduce waste

The insulation of a bidet will dramatically reduce your dependents on toilet paper, dramatically decreasing your impact on the environment. Water energy and trees are all used in vast amounts just to sustain the toilet paper industry.
Do you ride for the environment to install a bidet today.

Reduce costs

By dramatically reducing your dependency on toilet paper over time, you may even save a few hundred dollars a year depending on the size of your household. A bidet installation will quickly pay for itself in the money it saves you on toilet paper, never mind the fact that it’s easier on your household sewage system.

Better for your skin

Consistently using dry toilet paper to clean yourself after a bathroom visit isn’t very time to your skin. I don’t even understand the benefits of using one.

No longer have to worry about clogged toilets

Cleaning up clogged toilets can be a thing of the past. Whether you use wet wipes or toilet paper is irrelevant since neither of the two were design to be flushable.

Bidet Toilet installation and other plumbing services near me

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Where to buy a reliable bidet wc in Toronto and GTA?

image of a installed bidet in a washroom

Because of their popularity, bidets can be purchased from a variety of different places, you can choose to buy them from online retailers such as Amazon or you can just pop down to Home Depot, Walmart, Rona, or Costco. In our experience, you always best having a look at a product first hand in the store and there will be a wide variety of retailers near you who have every day to suit your needs.

We also advise you to purchase a bidet designed for the Canadian market. This guarantees the bidet will install correctly and will remain under warranty. There’s also an option of getting a toilet bidet combo.

To ensure both these are true, we always encourage contacting an experienced local plumber before purchasing the best bidet for your needs.

Here’s a funny video of people using a bidet for the first time. As one of them put’s it, “It’s fantastic!”

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